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West Haven Public School

Annual WHPS CREW “Warm Up Wolverines!” Winter Coat Exchange

Warm Up Wolverines: Winter Outerwear Swap

Come November, the West Haven CREW team is organizing the Warm Up Wolverines: Winter Outerwear Swap. This school-based event focuses on the free exchange of winter outerwear happening on November 22nd.
With the weather soon to change, having a well-fitted jacket and some warm outerwear is definitely important. Now you might be asking yourself, “What’s a Coat or Winter Wear Swap?” Well if you happen to have clean, extra jackets or winter outerwear that no longer fits or isn’t worn any longer, and they are in good condition (ie. no holes, good zippers/buttons, no stains) you simply
send these items in to the school for collection.
The CREW team will be collecting both adult and youth sized winter wear for our swap during the week of November 18th through 22nd. Families are encouraged to send in any and all donated items to their child’s classroom teacher.
On Friday, November 22nd, families are invited to come to the school to “go shopping” to collect any jacket(s) or outerwear that fits them at no cost.
This event is a great way to save some money, save some closet space, and more importantly ensure that everyone gets what they need to stay warm before the temperatures really drop. At the conclusion of the event, any leftover jackets or outerwear will be boxed up and donated to charity – so it is a win-win-win for the Wolverine family and the community as a whole.