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West Haven Public School

Christmas Concert – Next Week

Christmas Concert

Want to win 4 front row seats???

At each concert, we will be doing a draw for the Wolverine Move of the Show. With your silver donation at the door, your family will receive one ballet. We will do a draw at the beginning of the concert and you may be the lucky family to get 4 front-row seats!

Admission is by silver donation which will go to West Haven Fine Arts programs and clubs. No tickets are needed.


Kindergarten-Grade 2: Tuesday, December 10th, 1pm and 6pm

A Holiday of Music

Christmas just wouldn’t be as magical without the joyous sounds of music! Come join the kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 classes in our musical production, A Holiday of Music. Enjoy the magic of the season through music as we share our music with you.

Doors to the gym will open at 12:30pm for the afternoon show, and 5:30pm for the evening.

Students: K-2: please be in your class at 5:40pm for the evening show.


Grades 3-6, & Jr. High Band: Thursday, December 12th, 1pm and 6:30pm

We’re makin’ a movie about the one and only Santa Claus but what style of movie fits the greatest elfin hero of all time? Thanks to a little help from Cecil B. DeGrille, Alfred Pitchfork, Steven Reelberg and a few other illustrious filmmakers, a young group of aspiring directors experience movie-making like never before, from Epic Extravaganza and Film Noir to Spaghetti Western and Super-hero-adventure film. Watch out, Hollywood!

Jr. High Band will be playing showcasing their skills by playing some classic tunes everyone will enjoy!

Doors to the gym will open at 12:30pm for the afternoon show, and 6:00pm for the evening.

Students 3-6: please be in your homeroom class at 6:10pm for the evening show.
Jr. High Band students: please be in the music room for 6:10pm


It is a pleasure working with your children. We look forward to seeing you at the concerts!

Musically yours,

Mrs. Greene and Mr. Johnson