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  • Locked school doors at Black Gold schools

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    Dear Parents/Guardians and Caregivers,

    The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance to the Black Gold School Division. In order to improve safety and security in schools, and in response to the changes in our society, the Division is announcing a new initiative to keep students safety and learning a top priority.

    Effective the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, all school exterior doors, including the front door, will be locked at all times and opened for student access during school entry times.

    Students will enter and exit the school using their designated doors, and parents/caregivers will continue to meet their children outside their dismissal doors.

    Students who arrive after the entry bell, as well as parents/caregivers, school visitors, and other guests, will be welcomed into the office through the front door after ringing the front door bell/video-monitored intercom entry system.

    This video-monitored intercom entry system will allow office personnel to determine who is at the door and admit arrivals without having to leave the front desk. The video camera will display the individual’s image on a screen in the office, and once admitted, the individual will sign in at the office. This new procedure both allows staff to know who is in the building and impedes trespassers from entering the premises.

    Please assist school staff with reminding your children, for safety reasons, not to open any locked doors for individuals attempting to enter the school. When the doors are locked, all individuals must approach the front door and follow the above procedure.

    Black Gold believes this will be a positive step forward for the ongoing safety and well-being of everyone in our schools. Questions regarding this new procedure or any measures for student and staff safety may be directed to Calvin Monty, Associate Superintendent – Human Resources, at [email protected].


    The Black Gold School Division

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