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  • Help recognize our staff for their good work!

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    At Black Gold, we believe that recognition and appreciation play such an important role in fostering wellness and boosting morale. When we feel noticed and valued for our contributions and for who we are, it not only enhances our job satisfaction but can also be pretty inspiring and help us through challenging times.

    Let’s continue to build a Black Gold school community where every human is seen and valued, and their contributions acknowledged and celebrated.

    Our Employee Recognition Program is a place where you can give an official shout-out to any Black Gold employee you feel is worthy of appreciation by highlighting all of the good they are adding to the world.

    They will receive a formal letter with your words on it highlighting their amazingness and impact, a shout-out in our employee Wellness Newsletter, and will be entered to win one of three monthly prizes.

    To recognize a Black Gold employee, please click on the button below:

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