Black Gold School Division
West Haven Public School

West Haven Public School Fundraising Society

You’re invited: West Haven Public School (WHPS) is on track to be fully open for the 2016-2017 school year. A fundraising society has been established with the goal of supporting the new school in its financial endeavours. Come to an important meeting to learn about the newly established West Haven Public School Fundraising Society and what this group is all about. *Those who attend will have the chance to meet the West Haven Public School administration team for 20 minutes following the presentation. Please note that the WHPS School Council is a separate legal entity and will be established on September 21st at WHPS at 6pm– mark your calendars.

Where: Leduc Estates School gymnasium

When: Tuesday, May 3rd. 6:00 – 7:30 pm. *Doors locked at 6:30

What is the purpose of the Fundraising Society?

Fundraising Associations (FRAs) are separate, legal entities with distinct rules to follow, responsibilities to comply with and liabilities to consider. They can choose how to raise and spend funds, but cannot compel the principal or school community to participate/accept funds. It is essential for Fundraising Associations to clarify who has authority and for what. Positive, collaborative, mutually respectful relationships with the principal and school council are integral to the success of each and in the best interests of students.

Do you want to learn more on the general topic of fundraising Societies and School Councils?

Throughout the year, ASCA has hosted several webinars on topics related to school councils and fundraising associations.  A complete list of those they’ve had, and those which are yet to come, can be found on their website: as well as recordings of those already completed: