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What’s Up Wolverines Aug 30-Sep 3, 2021

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Monday, August 30 

  • Staggered Entry for Kindergarten, Gr. 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9

Tuesday, August 31 

  • Staggered Entry for Kindergarten, Gr. 2, 4, 6 & 8

Wednesday, September 1 – Day 3

  • Classes commence for Grades 1-9
  • Staggered Entry for Kindergarten

Thursday, September 2 – Day 4

  • Classes commence for Kindergarten

Friday, September 3 – Day 5 

Upcoming Dates to Remember: 

Labour Day – No School
9: Meet the Teacher followed by the WHPSSC & FC AGM – 6:30pm
17: PD Day – No School
30: Safely On Board (K-Gr. 3)

1: Safely On Board (K-Gr. 3)4: Individual School Picture Day
6: Early Dismissal; Drop Block 2; No Kindergarten Classes
11: Thanksgiving Day – No School
12: PD Day – No School

To Parents of Kindergarten Children: WHPS has decided to charge the Kindergarten Enhanced Fee in two installments this year. The first installment of $50.00 is payable in September to all Kindergarten children. The second installment is of $50.00 is payable February 1, to continue to provide resources and support activities to enhance Kindergarten education.

Entry into the school begins at 8:15 am. Please do not send students to school earlier than this, as there is no supervision.

Online Attendance Reporting Available – WHPS has an Online Absence Reporting Form on our website. When reporting an absence through this method, please use the email addresses we have on file with your contact information. This will reduce the number of follow up calls we may have to make. You can still leave a message on our voice mail box between the hours of 4:00 pm and 8:00 am, email your child’s teacher (please cc either or both tobey.morris@blackgold.ca or sandy.musteca@blackgold.ca) in case the teacher is absent that day.

Junior High Students Leaving School Grounds – If you wish to give your junior high student permission to leave school grounds during the lunch hours, please log into your parent account to complete the form. Please note that if students choose to leave the school for the lunch hour, they are not able to reenter the school until 12:45 pm. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

For the 2021-2022 school year:

There will be NO VOLUNTEERING at this time. This, unfortunately, means no hot lunches, microwave days, bake sales or parents coming in to read. 

The elementary milk program will not run until further notice.

Please note that school fees are due.  Check your PowerSchool account for any money outstanding as soon as possible.

WHPS has a partnership with COBS Bread Bakery.  If you mention you are from West Haven Public School when purchasing your goodies, the school will get 5% back.  It’s a win win!! REMEMBER about our COOP number.  Our number is 34666 and can be used when getting gas, groceries or liquor.  Please use our school’s number as often as you can.  Every dollar counts!

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