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  • Leduc Schools Boundary and Grade Configuration Review: 2nd public feedback survey results

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    Leduc residents had their second opportunity last month to review and provide feedback on the ongoing Leduc Schools Boundary and Grade Configuration Review.

    Approximately 250 Leduc residents attended the in-person May 24, 2023, Public Information Open House at the Leduc Composite High School to review and provide feedback on the proposed options for school boundary and grade changes. In total, 195 responses were received through the online survey, which ran from May 24 – June 7, 2023.

    The comments submitted, for the most part, revolved around four themes:

    • Similar support for either Option A or Option B at around 50 per cent each; respondents were largely in agreement with the proposed school boundaries, but some questioned the proposed grade configurations.
    • Questions related to the grade 10-12 French Immersion (FI) program and where it should be located – Leduc Composite High School or Ohpaho Secondary School?
    • Inquiries related to what choices are available for the students going into grade 12 for the 2024-2025 school year, and if there can be a transition year to keep all grade 12 students together.
    • Some questions related to transitions – will there be a schedule for the changes being implemented over a number of years, or will all recommended changes be implemented at once?

    A number of respondents wondered, given the proposed changes, what programming will look like at each school; others wondered about option-sharing within the schools. Some were concerned that athletics programming will suffer due to a perceived lack of enough gym space/time allocations.

    Others inquired about the availability of FI resources (teachers, location of program, availability of programs, courses, etc.). As well, some wondered if a single FI-focused grade 7-12 school would be better for transitions and retention.

    After the survey, members of the School Utilization Recommendation Working Committee followed up with all respondents who had questions in order to provide answers and further clarification on the review.

    We thank everyone who attended the open house, and those who took the time to review the options and to provide comments during this second engagement opportunity. 

    The Working Committee is currently reviewing the options and carefully considering all the feedback received, and will work on developing its final recommendation for submission to the Superintendent of Schools in September, and to the Board of Trustees for a final decision this fall.

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