West Haven Public School


Student Services

Our school supports all of our students.  We have a Learning Support Team comprised of our school counselor, learning support teachers, English as a Second Language teacher(s), classroom teachers and administration.  In addition to the team at our school, we have access to a wide range of division personnel as well as a multitude of outside agencies.  Students are supported academically, emotionally and socially as needed. Supports for students can be varied depending on a student’s needs.  Some examples of support are:  accommodations, assistive technology, modified learning outcomes, extra time, scribe, reader, etc.

If you have concerns about your child, please contact your child’s teacher and they will speak to our learning support team.  We focus on a collaborative approach between home and school.


Learning Labs

Students in Grade 4-8 are encouraged to use the library after school to catch up on assignments or get help with homework.  There is always a teacher supervising the library after school.