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Curriculum Redesign

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In 2009, Alberta Education engaged thousands of Albertans in person and online through Inspiring Education: A Dialogue with Albertans.  Through the Inspiring Education dialogues, Albertans identified a vision for the future of education where all students are inspired to achieve success and fulfillment as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Curriculum Redesign is one of the initiatives helping to bring the vision of Inspiring Education to life. It is an opportunity to review Alberta’s provincial curriculum to ensure it is engaging, relevant and enables students to reach their full potential.  Alberta’s new curriculum will include the basics and weave 21st century competencies, such as innovation, creativity and collaboration, together with core skills of numeracy and literacy.(Alberta Education)

Alberta Education has shared videos, handouts and more online at http://education.alberta.ca/department/ipr/curriculum.aspx. Be sure to check out their Communications Toolkit for more information.

Curriculum Development Prototyping

Curriculum Development Prototyping is part of the Curriculum Redesign process and is a new way of working for Alberta Education. It enables education partners to collaborate to developing curriculum and have a greater contribution earlier in the curriculum development process.

PACE3 is a consortium of six school jurisdictions, led by Black Gold Regional Schools, selected by Alberta Education to work collaboratively with the ministry in developing aspects of the new grades 7 – 9 provincial curriculum.

Links to Alberta Education information on Curriculum Redesign

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