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  • Meet our 2024 Edwin Parr Nominee!

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    The Black Gold School Division’s Board of Trustees is excited to nominate Abby Fonteyne, a Grade 2 teacher at West Haven Public School (WHPS) in Leduc, for this year’s Edwin Parr Award.

    The Edwin Parr Teacher Award, named in honour of the first president of the Alberta School Trustees’ Association (ASBA), recognizes outstanding first-year teachers for demonstrating excellence and innovation in teaching, leadership, and for making significant contributions to their school communities.

    “Abby exemplifies the Teacher Quality Standards competencies in every aspect of her work,” said Trustee Robyn Steed. “Her ability to create a safe and inclusive learning environment, her skill in designing engaging and differentiated instruction, and her commitment to ongoing reflection and growth are just a few of the qualities that make her an exceptional educator.”

    Abby Fonteyne’s journey as an educator at West Haven Elementary has been marked by her unwavering dedication to fostering a love for learning within her students. Her classroom is a dynamic and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and grow academically and personally.

    “Abby has demonstrated an excellent commitment to student learning and well-being, as well as a strong dedication to the teaching profession,” said WHPS Principal Jennifer O’Brien. “She has an outstanding natural ability to educate children all the while being enthusiastic, compassionate, and inspiring. We are so excited for her to be nominated for such a prestigious award.”

    Beyond her role in the classroom, Abby is extensively involved in extracurricular programming, where she serves as a coach and mentor for various sports including volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and track and field. Through these activities, she instills values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance in her students, helping them develop essential social and life skills beyond academics.

    When informed that she had been nominated for the award, Abby was surprised but very appreciative. “Honestly, I was a little bit shocked, as I wasn’t too familiar with the award, but it’s nice to hear that what I’m doing is being seen and recognized,” she said.

    As a first-year teacher, Abby feels like she is learning something new every single day. “I believe it’s very important to get a good foundational relationship established with each of my students, so that we can start from a basis of trust and acceptance,” she said.

    “Every student comes with their own uniqueness and quirks, their own interests, learning strengths and challenges,” she added. “I focus on taking the time to get to know each student, their stories and interests so that I can meet them where they are in their learning journeys.”

    “It’s always exciting to celebrate a new Black Gold teacher who is going over and beyond in their profession,” said Vice Chair Angie Charpentier. “As Abby goes on to represent our school division at the provincial level, we are confident that her passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to student success make her a deserving candidate for this prestigious recognition.”

    “Please join us in congratulating Abby Fonteyne on this remarkable achievement,” said Board Chair Esther Eckert. “Her contributions to education are truly commendable, and we are privileged to have her as a valued member of our Black Gold family.”

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